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Hacked: The six most common ways non-tech people fall victim

Non-technical people are favorite targets for malicious hackers, from data dealing crime rings to targeted corporate espionage attacks.

As we've seen in far too many recent instances where difficult, large targets have been infiltrated and bled from within over a period of time, sometimes all it takes is one person clicking the wrong thing at the right time.

Oftentimes, these fateful entry points are created by people who have no idea what's going on; non-technical employees (or even executives) who serve as an unwitting vector for exploitation.

You can't make every employee tech-proficient, and that's troubling in an era where attacks are constant, and enterprise security endures some profound cloud, infosec hiring, and BYOD growing pains.

What you can do is learn the top ways malicious attackers exploit your weakest links, as described on each of the following pages.


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