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Research: 45% report IT budget increases for 2015

e year draws to a close, it's time for many organizations to start planning their IT budgets for 2015. With that in mind, Tech Pro Research surveyed IT professionals around the world to find out if next year's budgets will be more or less than the current year, and what they'll be spending the money on.


The resulting report, Tech Pro Research's 2015 IT Budget Trends, identified some interesting trends around who creates the IT budgets and how they're approved. Many companies are feeling better about the economy and spending more, but they have to work harder in order to justify budget requests to get funds allocated.

Many respondents reported that IT is seen as equal to or more important than other business units within their company, and that IT budgets for 2015 will be the same, or higher, than in 2014 for eight out of ten organizations. 

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