Second Floor Computers

On-Site Services

We offer a full range of on-site support. We will come directly to your home or office to service your IT needs. Some of our on-site services include:

    • Servers

      - We can customize server options to suit your business needs whatever the size or price range.

    • Networks

      - We can set up a secure network in your home or office whether it be hardwired or wireless so you can conveniently use the web, share printers and other hardware, and transfer files.

    • Consulting

      - We offer business solutions and consultations. Let our experts advise you on what will best serve your business needs. From hardware to software, we can help you get running more smoothly and efficiently.

    • Indoor and Outdoor Wifi

      - We can set up wifi virtually anywhere, from your home or office to hotels and temporary work camps.

    • Bridging

      - We can set up a wireless bridge to connect networks over greater distances.