Second Floor Computers

Cloud Computing

If you would like to put your Data in the cloud, either through a Private Cloud Solution or a Public Cloud, we are here to help!  Need help moving your Databases and other files into the Cloud?  We do that too!

Database and Site Resilience

Database setup and configuration with integration into the Active Directory are essential as databases are the engine of almost every business and the Internet itself.  Mission Critical Databases are core programs that your business uses every day!  We setup, and if required, help manage your SQL or MySQL Databases.  Database optimization and replication ensure fast access and high availability times.

Email - Exchange Server High Availability

In deploying on Premise Exchange Servers or Microsoft's Exchange Cloud Solution (or both) our Certified Experts can recommend the best solution based on your Company's needs.  Encrypted email or connecting to backup Exchange Servers will take the stress out of this critical business service.

Help Desk Services

Let our Team take the fear out of day-to-day Help Desk services!  Our services our utilized by clients who want to do other things, such as running their Business!  Our Techs offer support for Mobile Devices such as Tablets, SmartPhones and Laptops as well as Workstations utilizing several different Operating Systems and applications.  We are truly here to help!

SharePoint and IIS

Many Fortune 500 Companies deploy SharePoint servers for their entire business.  SharePoint is about internal Websites (Intranets).  Have secure collaboration with co-workers by using a browser and login account.  Keep your business efficient and well organized through content and document management.  SharePoint may just be the solution for you!  Let our Experts tell you how!


This is a popular application with Clients who are tracking assets throughout their City or County.  GIS Servers process and save the information given to it from a variety of source vehicles, including graders.  This allows for mapping and documentation of specific geographical areas.  A great application if your business is 'on the road'!